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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~ Sir Winston Churchill 
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CRD Wealth of Nations
El Toro x Surprise Party

This 2 time RWC is the guy everyone wants in their barn (including us I've hesitated to put him out there because I know that the moment we sell him, I'll have someone for him and I'll never find one to replace him!)! He's every bit of a big 15.2. He's game, he's honest, he's sound. He is EASY to work, easy to shoe, there are zero tricks. He rides and drives, is doing patterns, and yet is game game every day. He's a BLAST to ride and super fun to the guy that can do all 6 of those eq classes in Okc and not bat an eye, he's won throughout last year classic pleasure driving and won the year before Ama English pleasure. He walks, he always shows up, he's never the guy with an issue. We simply love Nate! Reasonably priced, ready to go!

(Mizrahi X Dragonfire Nova)

This big, pretty, black mare has quality and talent that are undeniable and she has what it takes to be a ladies star.

This 12 year old mare has won open, ama, and ladies English pleasure for the last couple of years. She's big, pretty, talented, rides and drives, and has won in the best of company.

​We think whoever buys her should certainly breed her when they are done showing! Great hocks, size, talent, and quality are tough to find in one package.

Try him out at Oklahoma!
Slam Dunk
Whispering Whammunition x FCF Escapade

This 13 year old gelding is a catch! 

He's is every bit of 15.3, he rides and drives, he's game but VERY broke, and is pattern perfect! 

He has transitioned to the Hunter Pleasure division this year and done it seamlessly. He heads to Oklahoma straight from his Ladies Hunter Pleasure Championship win at the Morgan Medallion. 

This is the horse that can win anywhere and is every bit a hunter!  He's very sound, likes to work, and ready to be your star in this popular division.

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