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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~ Sir Winston Churchill 
Riding Lessons with Rushton Stables!
Advanced Beginner
Everybody starts somewhere, and this is where a new rider starts. For the beginner rider that is just learning how to get on a horse, stop, steer, and give basic commands. walk and some trotting. We have excellent, safe beginner horses.
Tiny Tot lessons: ages 3-5 years old.

Children will get to do hands on grooming and learn about the horses and will ride, with instructor, each lesson. We find that this makes the kids feel comfortable and allows them to do more on the horse with the safety net of an instructor right with them. 

Children learns games on and off the horse that help them gain confidence and balance. Children become comfortable with the movement, size, and controls of the horses. Once child is able to ride on their own and control the horse and ride for longer periods of time, they move to regular private riding lessons. 

Tiny Tot Lessons are 1/2 each and are $45 per lesson. 
Package of 4 lessons in a month for $150.
Package of 8 lessons in a month for $300.

Recreational Rider:  Age 6 and up

All riders are started in private lessons and remain there until they can control the horse at all gaits, in the arena, and are deemed capable of dealing with others in the ring safely.

Private lessons are the best way to advance riding skills. Riders have 100% of instructor's attention and expertise. Rushton Stables prides itself on not only amazing instructors, but the very best lesson horses. Our horses are well cared for, happy, well trained, and we provide a safe and clean environment. Learning to ride is something that should be done well with safety and fun being priorities. 

$55 per lesson or packages of 4 lessons in a month for $180 or 8 lessons in a month for $360.

Group lessons:

Group lessons are the perfect way to advance your skills and learn to guide your horse around "traffic" and learn with others. You also have the advantage of learning from others triumphs and mistakes. These lessons tend to be a bit longer so they are a great way to get in your exercise and keep up your stamina. For the purpose of safety for yourself and others riding with you, in order to be in the group lessons you must have passed the skills test out of the beginner level.

$50.00 per lesson package of 6 for $160.00 (a savings of $20.00)

** group lessons upon availability and instructor recommendation only

What should I wear to my lesson?

First time riders can come to introductory lesson in long pants and a hard soled shoe. We STRONGLY recommend getting proper riding gear as soon as possible.

Boots: The most important piece of safety gear with horses is proper riding boots. They protect your feet when working around the horses from ground and provide a secure base in the stirrups. We recommend paddock style leather riding boots. 

Helmets: Highly recommended and required for beginner children - we recommend a proper horseback riding helmet not a bike helmet. 

Riding Pants: These should have ultrasuede knee patches for a comfortable grip with the saddle. Regular pants have seams right where your leg lays on saddle. Breeches are fitted at bottom of leg and Jods are bootcut (tie downs preferred). 
Favorite brands include:

        Kathleen Kabel
        Anaheim Hills, CA
        714 488 8283

Gloves: Optional but helpful for creating a better grip on the reins and keeping hands warm during winter months. 
Once a beginner has learned to stop and steer their horse & are in basic control of the horse at all times, they can advance to this level. They will be taught more intricate guiding without use of the rail, consistent control will be worked on, and they will start to learn to canter. A second rein will be introduced for the rider to learn to use as well. Group lessons with other beginners will become an option part way through the advanced beginner level. 

For the rider that has full control of their body at the walk & trot and has started cantering. They must be capable of holding, adjusting, and using 2 reins and performing circles off the rail at the trot. They will work on mastering the canter and group lessons are a great option at this time. The rider will start to do some individual tests...these are a great way to improve mental and physical skills! 

All Skill Levels Offered!  
Advanced Intermediate
In this level the rider has control of all 3 gaits, can ride with 2 reins and has started to use a full bridle (which consists of understanding and controlling 2 bits simultaneously). They now have full control of the canter and can maneuver their horse at all gaits through traffic and anywhere they need to be. At this level, individual tests will be getting more intricate. This rider is capable of starting to show.
This rider is consistently showing and either leasing a show horse or has purchased one. This rider can handle out of the ordinary situations, understands the horses' way of going and thinking, and is capable of not just controlling the horse, but of making each situation one to their advantage. They will be taught advanced individual testing, how to make their horse looks it's best at all times as well as perfecting their overall form.
These levels simply give us a guideline to make the group lessons more beneficial as well as give you a basic outline of your goals.
Driving Lessons
Learning to drive a horse is tons of fun!! For those that don't want to ride, have physical limitations, or already ride and want to expand their skills, we highly recommend driving lessons! You'll learn to communicate with the horse thru subtle cues that give you the utmost of control at the touch of your fingers! We have varying levels of driving horses as well and as you get better, your horse gets more advanced. We've never had a person take a driving lesson and not walk away wanting more!
Rushton Stables has a variety of lesson horses that range from beginner to advanced. As your skills grow, we'll be able to put you on more and more horses to continue to increase your knowledge and skills while remaining safe.

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