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Lucky As Me GCH
CCR's Outrajus Curajus x Noblesse
From the day this colt was born, he was special. He represented so much of what we always loved about the great mare Noblesse (Nobility X Braeburn Sparkle) but he never, ever let us forget he was by OC!

OC's curves made him able to put himself in such a great place and carry himself effortlessly. "Phil" got all of those curves. OC's bloodlines (Saddleback Supreme, Wham Bam Command) gave him a balanced, square trot that covered ground, had a perfectly cadenced rhythm, and looked like his feet never touched down. "Phil" got that trot. But the thing this colt got that most represents his sire is his cocky, charismatic way. This horse carries himself with the arrogance that made his dad a great one and yet conducts himself with the same honesty and understanding that made his dad always give 100%. This colt represents so much of what we love about OC and yet, he has some things from his beautiful mother that add to the overall package, like her pretty head and her undeniable quality. When we crossed these 2, it was like we placed an order of what we'd like to get from each side...and we got our order. This colt is the best of both sides and everything he is comes straight from his blood, so he is destined to pass it on. The top side of both his sire and dam represent World Class show horses and show horse blood. The bottom side of both sire and dam represent good old, solid, sound, game blood. This is the combination that made both of his parents World Champions and it shows in this horse. We are really excited to start his breeding career. 

"Phil" will stand at stud this year at GRS for a stud fee of $1800.00 and we think that if you take a look at his papers, you'll see that you are getting some VERY good blood all the way thru for a very reasonable price. We think he's an investment nobody will regret. We think that every breeder should be able to get to great blood and have access to breeding that can enable them to create World Class Morgans. This is an example of that blood and Phil can give you that chance at a very fair price. Phil can be bred to via live, fresh cooled semen or mares can be shipped to GRS to be bred AI using fresh semen.
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KMR Touch of Luck, 
Phil's first son
 RWC Futurity 2 yr old
Frozen Semen Only