Rushton Stables

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~ Sir Winston Churchill 
~I got on my first horse at age six and I never looked back. Growing up with horses was amazing. It was always the highlight of my day to go down to the local barn and ride. Also it was always my punishment if i didnt do the chorse or clean my room, my horse riding previleges would be taken away. Thus my room was always spotless. I live in Minnesota but we found out about GRS from one of my moms close friends. At the time I was just a girl that loved riding more then breathing, but my two years with GRS made it into so much more then that. I made friends with people that I will never forget and mean the world to me, I realized that hard work truely does pay off, and that passion and dedication will take you very far in life. Before I was at GRS I was just a girl with a passion. After, I had won regional championships on both coast. It was the best two years of life and I will never forget it.
Hanna Johnson

~Riding horses for me has been an awesome experience. It actually made me look forward to waking up early on saturdays, which is saying something coming from a 15 year old who lives to sleep and sleeps to live. It helped me be involved with something and helped me forget about everything that was upsetting or bothering me. Showing was the perfect escape, I felt I could just be myself when I was in the ring and it was just me and the horse. Nerves were always a given when showing but they helped pushed me to conquer any fears I had before entering the ring. Riding and showing at GRS made it all the more fun with all the different horses you can ride and all the people you get to know. I don't have one negative thing to say about any of it the showing, riding, and GRS. It's all worth it. 
Emma Elliott

~When my daughter began taking riding lessons at Rushton Stables at age 5, I thought it would be a fun activity. Over the next 15 years this grew into a passion through which so much was gained. My daughter learned to overcome fears and tackle challenges, the importance of perseverance in achieving goals, and to embrace victory and accept defeat with equal grace. The self-confidence she has gained transcends into all areas of her life. Gerry and Stacy have been expert trainers, mentors, and wonderful friends. They are like family. With their integrity, high expectations, nurturing and sense of humor, it has made this experience so much more than just a sport or hobby.
Jim and Kathy Cook, parents of Katie Cook